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Homebred Grass fed Beef

We breed some of our dairy cows to beef bulls to produce our own homebred beef.  These animals graze outdoors for as many months as the weather allows.  During the winter months, the calves are housed and fed on grass silage.  Currently we have Aberdeen Angus, Aubrac and Belted Galloway animals in our beef herd.
Our beef is expertly prepared for us by Stephen Jordan of Mawhinney Butchers of Newtownards.  All steaks and roasts are hung for 28 days to create a full flavour.  The meat is then vacuum packed and frozen to maintain its quality.
As we only finish a small number of animals per year, please contact Brian to check availability.
Gluten-free steak burgers, sausages, veg roll and mince can be obtained by pre-order.

Dexter cow and calf_edited.jpg
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